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Dance classes Melbourne Born to Boogie D

Dance On Stage To Your Adoring Fans!


If you've totally missed your calling as a professional dancer, or have a secret desire to dance on stage with a bunch of other professional amateur dancers, or would even like to stretch your comfort zone more,

then Born to Boogie Dance Connection is perfect for you! 


Twice a year, at the end of our 13 week semester, our Born to Boogie Dancers strut their stuff on stage and show case their work to their invited guests. A night out for all at a licensed venue, our dance-off performance shows are a celebration of dance, fun, joy, life and the unleashing of the inner performer.


There's nothing like the feeling of performing!  Nerves, excitement, as well as the thrill of the experience, make it absolutely addictive!

Dance classes Melbourne
Dance classes Melbourne Born to Boogie D
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