Dave Thompson

Author, Speaker, Coach and all 'round awesome dude Living Outrageously



" I always liked to dance when I was out on the weekends, but had never done formal dance lessons or joined a dance crew. To be honest it was quite daunting that first week, being the only male especially in a room full of girls. Tennille and Tamara do a great job at making you feel at home, so I settled in, even if I did feel like I'd never get it! Every Wednesday night, I'd leave my inhibitions at the door at just boogie. I'm proud to say, that at about week 9, I realised "hey, you can actually do this!!" All up, this is one of the most personally satisfying activities I have ever done. It was a pleasure to dance with our crew "Boogie Wednesdays", the performance night was an awesome experience and Tennille really cares and gives her students great support throughout.


If you are thinking about it, just do it!


Overall awesome , thank you so much Tennille!!! :-) "

Rebecca Robinson

Actor, Artist, Nanny


"I had a really fun time, as I don't really like gym environments so I found it a great way to get myself moving once a week, have a laugh and also give my brain a workout learning the choreography!


I also really loved how the excitement built up to the performance and how we all got to know each other a little better by the end of it all. It was a really welcoming and relaxed environment, perfect for beginner dancers and those wanting to gain a bit of confidence by performing in a group. But also just good for ANYONE that wants to dance and have fun!! :D Thank you so much Tennille! I really hope these classes take off in 2015, it's a great idea! xo Bec "


Clare Desira 

Life & Confidence Coach, Speaker and Positivity Guru! - Top Five Movement



"I had a ball during the semester. I was looking for a way to freshen up my fitness and a way to learn some new moves. The routines were fantastic and there was a sense of community in the classes. The concert was a great way to celebrate the semester and get friends involved. I will be back for sure!"

Tanya Edlington

Singer, Actor, Writer 



"I thoroughly enjoyed last night's class. Suddenly, knitting some legwarmers seems like the thing I should do. Thanks for being welcoming and not intimidating. See you next week."


Here's a link to Tanya's blog post about her experience of a Born to Boogie class:

Shaking my booty - memories of an undiscovered ballerina.


Erin Donnellon

Dance Lover


" I wanted to thank Tennille and Tamara for a truly wonderful experience. It was not just the dancing that was so great but the way you encouraged us to bring out that side of our personalities that is so often hidden away. Thank you for all your hard work organising and in particular running a beautiful dance school that is so professional in a creative, happy environment for us all to learn. We all had so much fun, made great new friends and felt inspired to bring out our inner Boogie child! A perfect addition to the West... I know you will continue to find so many more students to join the Boogie gang! Congratulations on such a supremely successful start to your new venture. "

- "A totally positive and uplifting experience! Communication was fantastic throughout and the classes were very well run and organised. Performance night was so much fun! Everything ran so smoothly. It was great having the opportunity to see the space and practice on the stage before the big night. As well as having the option to get there early on performance day and have a few run throughs. So helpful for easing the minds of the people performing :) "
- "I wish every night was Monday!"
And feedback from guests at our last performance:
- "My guests loved it and at least one of them is keen to sign up next year. : )"
-"They had a great time. Loved our performances and said we all looked so happy, confident and relaxed."
-"How professional it looked and how smoothly it ran."
-"Guests loved the show :)"
- "My partner and her friend thought it was awesome. They loved the night!"
- "Everyone looks like they're having so much fun!"